Biomechanics World Association

Technical University of Munich Bavaria Munich University of Applied Sciences Munich, July 29th - August 4th 2006

The Institut of Biotechnik e.V.



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15th Conference of the
European Society of Biomechanics

ESB Student Award
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 8.15h-9.45h, R1.046

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ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 11.00h-12.30h, R1.046

ESB SM Perren Award Session and ESBiomat Session Room
Wednesday, 2.8.06, 10.00h-10.30h, Room R 1.049

ESB General Assembly
Wednesday, 2.8.06, 17.30h-18.30h, Room G 0.01

ESB Reception
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 18.00h
Augustiner Biergarten, Arnulfstrasse



31st Congress of the Societé de Biomécanique

F.1 Sport Biomechanics
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 8.15h-9.45h, R0.056

F.2 Biofluids and Transferts
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 11.00h-12.30h, R0.056

F.3 Tissues and Structures Biomechanics
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 14.00h-15.30h, R0.056

F.4 General Assembly
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 16.00h-17.30h, R0.056




ESEM - European Society for Engineering and Medicine


ESEM W3: Microdamage and osteoporosis
Tuesday, 1.8.06, 14.00h-15.30h, R1.003